Author: Behdad, N.
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Design and Fabrication of a Waveguide for Conductivity Measurement of Electroplated Copper at 170GHz - 200GHz  
  • A.E. Siy, N. Behdad, J.H. Booske
    UW-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • S.H. Lee, S. Sorsher, K.J. Suthar, E. Trakhtenberg, G.J. Waldschmidt, A. Zholents
    ANL, Lemont, Illinois, USA
  Funding: This work is supported by LDRD funding from Argonne National Laboratory, provided by the Director, Office of Science, of the U.S. Department of Energy under contract DE-AC02-06CH11357
Beam driven wakefield accelerators offer great potential for the realization of compact, low-cost x-ray free electron laser (XFEL) sources. Achieving high accelerating gradients in these devices requires the use of mm-wave RF structures which present a range of fabrication challenges due to their small size and tight dimensional tolerances. One promising technique for manufacturing these structures involves electroplating a mandrel with copper and subsequently dissolving the mandrel to leave behind the desired metal cavity. Because the resulting copper shell is electroplated, its purity, grain structure, and surface finish will be different from that of conventionally machined copper. Understanding the electrical and thermal performance of the electroformed components requires experimental measurement of the plated copper material properties. In this paper, an experiment for measuring the conductivity of electroplated copper at 170 GHz-200 GHz using a WR-5 waveguide meander is presented and the results are applied to the design of a corrugated waveguide wakefield accelerator.
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