Author: Botta, S.
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Ultra-Precision Mechanics for Fourth-Generation Sources  
  • R. Doehrmann, S. Botta, P. Wiljes
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Fourth-generation synchrotrons, with their extremely good beam conditions, offer experimental possibilities that go far beyond the current technological state of the art. These extremely brilliant x-ray sources enable, among other things with new focusing optics, focal sizes in the nanometer range with the highest intensity and thus allow for highly dynamic experiments also on this scale. In order to guarantee the required beam quality all the way down to the experiment, optimal conditions must be generated for the end stations and for the beamline optics. An optimum of stability and precision can unfortunately only be achieved if, on the one hand, the infrastructure that shields the experiments and enables undisrupted operation is planned very carefully. On the other hand, the scientific instruments must also be optimized and improved. Our strategy for the construction of the PETRA IV experiments is based on five pillars (low vibration, stable environment, rigid construction, optimized design and fast feedback). In this contribution, we describe these concepts in more detail. Furthermore, we present illustrative examples of a possible implementation at PETRA IV.  
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Vibration Investigations at PETRA III  
  • S. Botta
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  One of the most challenging problems for experimental setups at third-generation and especially fourth-generation synchrotrons are vibrations. In order to keep vibrations on a as low as possible level one must not only take extremely care in the design of all components but also have a profound knowledge of the sources of vibrations. We started a project to map the vibrations at PETRA III both locally and timely in order to get a better understanding of the influencing factors and possible consequences for the ongoing PETRA IV project. In this contribution we will report on our first results of this project.  
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