Author: Cherukuvada, H.
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Design of Johann-Type Five Crystal Spectrometer Using a Single Motor Axis  
  • H. Cherukuvada
    AS - ANSTO, Clayton, Australia
  This is a design exploration of 5 crystal spherically bent Johann-type spectrometer to be used on Spectroscopy based beam-lines. Traditionally, a 4-axis motorised unit is required for each crystal and a 3-axis unit is required for detector positioning, making the total motorized axis greater than 23 for the spectrometer. This design is an attempt to follow the Roland circle/geometry paths using multi-bar linkage mechanisms requiring only one motorised axis for the whole system. The proposed system is comprised of 3 separate but inter-linked mechanisms driven by a one motor. Design Specification: Ø100 x 5-spherically bent crystals, repeatability ±50µm, SDD detector, 500mm Roland circle. The intent of the design is to simplify operation, reduce weight, reduce complexity, reduce costs and reduce maintenance aspects as compared to how it is done in current commercially available systems. This design a radical re-think of the Johann-type spectrometer mechanics.  
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