Author: Di Felice, M.
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Mechanical Aspects of the New Shutter Design at European XFEL  
  • N. Kohlstrunk, M. Di Felice, M. Dommach, D. La Civita, H. Sinn, M. Vannoni, F. Yang
    EuXFEL, Hamburg, Germany
  • W. Clement
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The European XFEL is a research facility which started operation in September 2017 and generates ultrashort X-ray flashes for photon science experiments with an outstanding peak brilliance. To operate the facility at full performance, an upgrade of the radiation safety system is needed. For this purpose nine Frontends and three Shutters have to be modified. This upgrade includes several mechanical changes like the replacement of the B4C absorber with a diamond and B4C absorber. Since also a new burn through monitor with a graphite block inside has to be installed in the absorber chamber the holder of the B4C has to be changed because of the space constraints in the chamber. This holder consists also of a special flexure plate fixed with springs and screws to allow a certain flexibility of the B4C. For attaching the CVDs to the absorber holder a special CVD clamp system has to be created to release the stress on the diamond and avoid their destruction.  
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