Author: Eggenstein, F.
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New UHV Angle Encoder for High Resolution Monochromators, a Modern Spare Part for the Heidenhain UHV Ron 905  
  • F. Eggenstein, L. Schwarz, J. Viefhaus, T. Zeschke
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  A large number of soft X-ray monochromators for high-resolution synchrotron radiation experiments are in operation worldwide. Many of them being plane-grating monochromators with HEIDENHAIN UHV RON905 angle encoders, thirty-six of those encoders are in use at BESSY II. Since decades, those angle encoders are successfully in operation. As of today, this type of encoders became a legacy product and repairing is getting expensive. Therefore, we have developed a new angle encoder, a mechanically compatible "drop-in" replacement of the RON905. A correspondingly manufactured prototype, based on RENISHAW absolute encoders, was investigated on a high precision angle drive test bench. Fourier analysis of the encoder data allowed to determine the accuracy for different angle ranges and shows a better accuracy for the case of the new angle encoder. Furthermore, we will introduce two different methods to increase the system accuracy by plane grating monochromators in collimated light employing the newly developed encoder. The first one is an on-line, in-situ method based on electron/absorption spectroscopy whereas the second, off-line method utilizes an electronic autocollimator.  
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