Author: Mateos, L.
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Stability Performance of the Cryocooled Horizontal Double Crystal Monochromator for DanMAX  
  • L. Mateos
    FMB Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
  The new 4th generation storage rings beamlines with improved smaller emittance require an increasingly vibrational stability on every beamline component to maintain a high beam quality. The horizontal double crystal monochromators (H-DCM) are specially well suited for these, providing an outstanding beam energy and position stability while coping with high power loads and maintaining UHV conditions. FMB Oxford has recently delivered a new generation cryocooled H-DCM for DanMAX beamline at MAX IV, this is an evolved version of the previous designs already installed at MAX IV and other facilities*. The redesign features have improved the excellent stability performance of the system and its usability. Particularly, it includes an axial cooling feedthrough which allow the cooling lines to the optics to remain short and they don’t need to accommodate the scanning motion of the crystal cage. After the system was installed in the optics hutch of DanMAX, onsite measurements at operating conditions were performed achieving a relative pitch stability of 22nrad RMS and a vertical stability as low as 3.30nrad RMS. We are awaiting beam stability results to correlate with our findings.
*P. Kristiansen et al., J. Synchrotron Rad. (2016). 23, 1076-1081
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