Author: Sotero, A.P.S.
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MOPB04 Four-Bounce Crystal Monochromators for the Sirius/LNLS Beamlines 29
  • M. Saveri Silva, L.M. Kofukuda, S.A.L. Luiz, A.P.S. Sotero, H.C.N. Tolentino, L.M. Volpe, G.S. de Albuquerque
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  • L. Martins dos Santos, J.H. Řežende
    CNPEM, Campinas, SP, Brazil
  Funding: Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI)
Beamlines of new 4th-generation machines present high-performance requirements in terms of preserving beam quality, in particular wavefront integrity and position stability at micro and nanoprobe stations. It brings about numerous efforts to cope with engineering challenges comprehending high thermal load, cooling strategy, crystal manufacturing, vibration sources, alignment and coupled motion control. This contribution presents the design and performance of a four-bounce silicon-crystal monochromator for the Sirius beamlines at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source (LNLS), which is basically composed of two channel-cut crystals mounted on two goniometers that counter-rotate synchronously. The mechanical design ascertained the demands for the nanoprobe and coherent scattering beamlines - namely, CARNAÚBA and CATERETÊ - focusing on solutions to minimize misalignments among the parts, to grant high stiffness and to ensure that the thermal performance would not impair beam characteristics. Hence, all parts were carefully simulated, machined, and measured before assembling. This work details mechanical, thermal, diagnostics, and dynamic aspects of the instruments, from the design phase to their installation and initial commissioning at the beamlines.
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About • paper received ※ 25 July 2021       paper accepted ※ 30 August 2021       issue date ※ 06 November 2021  
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WEPB13 Design and Commissioning of the TARUMÃ Station at the CARNAÚBA Beamline at Sirius/LNLS 292
  • R.R. Geraldes, C.S.N.C. Bueno, L.G. Capovilla, D. Galante, L.C. Guedes, L.M. Kofukuda, G.N. Kontogiorgos, F.R. Lena, S.A.L. Luiz, G.B.Z.L. Moreno, I.T. Neckel, C.A. Perez, A.C. Piccino Neto, A.C. Pinto, C. Sato, A.P.S. Sotero, V.C. Teixeira, H.C.N. Tolentino, W.H. Wilendorf, J.L. da Silva
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  Funding: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI)
TARUMÃ is the sub-microprobe station of the CARNAÚBA (Coherent X-Ray Nanoprobe Beamline) beamline at Sirius Light Source at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS). It has been designed to allow for simultaneous multi-analytical X-ray techniques, including diffraction, spectroscopy, fluorescence and luminescence and imaging, both in 2D and 3D. Covering the energy range from 2.05 to 15 keV, the fully-coherent monochromatic beam size varies from 550 to 120 nm after the achromatic KB (Kirkpatrick-Baez) focusing optics, granting a flux of up to 1e11ph/s/100mA at the probe for high-throughput experiments with flyscans. In addition to the multiple techniques available at TARUMÃ, the large working distance of 440 mm after the ultra-high vacuum (UHV) KB system allows for another key aspect of this station, namely, a broad range of decoupled and independent sample environments. Indeed, exchangeable modular setups outside vacuum allow for in situ, in operando, cryogenic and/or in vivo experiments, covering research areas in biology, chemistry, physics, geophysics, agriculture, environment and energy, to name a few. An extensive systemic approach, heavily based on precision engineering concepts and predictive design, has been adopted for first-time-right development, effectively achieving altogether: the alignment and stability requirements of the large KB mirrors with respect to the beam and to the sample*; and the nanometer-level positioning, flyscan, tomographic and setup modularity requirements of the samples. This work presents the overall station architecture, the key aspects of its main components, and the first commissioning results.
* G.B.Z.L. Moreno et al. "Exactly constrained KB Mirrors for Sirius/LNLS Beamlines: Design and Commissioning of the TARUMÃ Station Nanofocusing Optics at the CARNAÚBA Beamline", presented at MEDSI’20, paper TUOB01, this conference.
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About • paper received ※ 25 July 2021       paper accepted ※ 28 September 2021       issue date ※ 30 October 2021  
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