Author: Wang, H.
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LCLS Chemrix in-Vacuum Liquid Sample Delivery System  
  • H. Wang
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: DOE
In the past decade, LCLS has been using in-vacuum liquid jet to deliver nanocrystals, microcrystals or other samples to the experimental station. Recently, LCLS has developed a new type of liquid jet, known as "sheet"-jet, with tunable thickness from little over than 1µm to 20nm. This new type jet greatly reduces the x-ray absorbed by the liquid solutions, especially for soft x-ray and tender x-ray applications. In the first part of presentation, the author will describe the optimization processes of such jets using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool. The second part will describe the development of the liquid jet sample delivery system for chemRIXS in LCLS. The chemRIXS endstation has been designed in a way it can take both solid and liquid samples. Because solid sample experiments require a UHV environment, to be able to deliver the liquid sample jets to the same vacuum chamber, a special loadlock chamber and sample transport system have been developed to isolate the liquid system from the main vacuum chamber. When solid sample system is extracted, a fully automated system can then drive the liquid jet to the sample/beam interaction point. A recirculation catcher will collect the liquid waste, so the chamber can remain at high vacuum.
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