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MOPB10 The Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APSU) Superconducting Undulator (SCU) Component Database (CDB) Utilization vacuum, photon, undulator, site 44
  • G.C. Avellar, E.A. Anliker, J.E. Lerch, J.G. Saliba, M.E. Szubert
    ANL, Lemont, Illinois, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science under Control DE-AC02-06CH11357.
The Component Database (CDB) is a document management platform created for the use of the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APSU) Project. It serves two major functions: (1) a centralized location to link all data relating to field-replaceable upgrade components, and (2) a way to track the components throughout the machine’s 25-year lifetime. There are four (4) Superconducting Undulators (SCUs): two (2) Inline 16.5mm period devices, one (1) Canted 16.5mm period device, and one (1) Canted 18.5mm period device. Throughout the production process for these devices, tracking components between the different designs of SCU’s has proven to be a logistical issue, as there are uniform components among all 4 devices, but many unique components as well. As the scope evolved from a Research and Development (R&D) activity to a production scope, the CDB has been critical in communicating with a growing team, allowing anyone to identify a part or assembly and access all its design and manufacturing data. The 4.8-meter long SCUs are the first of their kind, requiring thorough onsite inspections, intricate assembly procedurals, and approved safety protocols. This is ideal information to document in an electronic traveler (e-traveler), which can then be attached to an item within the CDB. By providing a straightforward process for technicians to follow, the risk of miscommunication and unsafe practices are minimized. The CDB plays a vital role in simplifying and optimizing the transition of the SCU from an R&D unit to a production scope, from procurement to inspection, assembly and installation, and throughout the lifespan of machine maintenance.
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